Layla Tessa EL is one of the main female antagonists of RsMd Highschool.

She is The daughter of Amelia EL and Aaron EL.

Layla currently resides in Romney,WV.

Appearance Edit

Layla is a 5ft 2 in female. She has long wavy bright red dyed hair and black highlights. She wears a white v-neck
Layla EL
shirt and pink shorts.She also wears brown wedged boots. Also Layla is slightly tanned.

Personality Edit

Layla EL is a confident, cooperative , and adventures young female. Also, although she is sometimes pessimistic, she tends to see the bright side to most things. She isn't the sharpest knife in the shed, but she isn't dumb. Her grades currently stand at a C-average. Layla loves to sing and she is quite good at singing anyways though. Although Layla can play guitar, she doesn't typically play instruments in public. No matter what situation she is in, Layla would do anything for her friends. Over all she is a good person and friend.

Favorites Edit

Names:Tessa and Bella


Song:Here's to never growing up




Relationships Edit

Althought Layla has no known friends in Romney,She is dating David Korella and is friends Zayne Huggins. They both currently reside in Cincinnati,Ohio.

Background Edit

Layla EL comes from a nuclear family,and she was a pretty normal child.As a child Layla wasn't that active nor was she fat and/or lazy.In 3rd grade Layla was "queen bee" meaning not that she was literally a bee,but that she was the most popular girl in her school.Due to Brie stealing her position in Middle School as queen bee, Layla is yet to be popular again.Even thought she now hates her,she was once Bries sidekick.

Even thought Layla's dad (Aaron) is not very stubborn,now Layla tends to act like her mom (Amelia) and sometimes refuses punishment from her teachers. Mrs.McCool and Ms.Colace often have to call Amelia due to Layla's bad behavior.Even thought Layla has no revealed friend in her state,Layla seems to make her way around just fine.Also Layla has even kissed many guys,she was okay with it,but the guys weren't.


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