Michelle is one of the main female antagonists of RsMd High School.

She is the daughter of Mary McCool and Terry McCool.

She lives in Romney, WV.

Appearance Edit

Michelle is a 5ft 10in female. She has long, blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears a blue, striped tank top and blue jean shorts. She also wears white flats.


Despite being 18, Michelle is typically stubborn and obnoxious. She can also be described as immature yet creative and somewhat smart. Michelle is very social, but not in the good way. She often plans to sabotage those of a higher class than her. Michelle barely takes facts into consideration and randomly concludes things about others. Still, part of Michelle is often boy-crazy.

Favorites Edit







Relationships Edit

Michelle has no known relationships.

Background Edit

Michelle first appeared in third grade as a new student. She mostly was quiet and shy. Michelle eventually became good friends with Layla EL although she did not always trust her. She ended up hanging around Trish's friends. She then got invested in many of their science projects and became their official helper. Later in fourth grade, Michelle tried to hang around Tiffany Hunterson, who was new, but little is known about her then.

Michelle mostly kept positive in fifth and sixth grade, but started devolping more bitter pieces of her personality in seventh grade after she became Prom Queen. She then started a physical fight with Stephanie Colace and temporarly injured her right leg. In highschool Michelle tried to regain Stephanie's trust. Later in the school year, she became best friends with her. Michelle was mostly kind and helpful until she became jealous of Brandi Mittock. She attempted bullying her and soon Mordecai Robinson and Caroline Eversole joined in too. Since then, Michelle went in and out with being good and bad.

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